Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Last Post

Hello people. It has been a year since I last wrote you. I'm 11 now, I am leaving the 6th grade in less than 2 months. This is my last blog post. This blog has been a definitive archive of my homeschooling life, and the times that we had in New York. But times have changed. I am starting the 7th grade. The last 2 blog posts were months apart as well, and it's time to move on as my life now is so different from the life I have now. Not better, just very, very different. I will keep this blog up to remember the life and times I had homeschooling as a younger kid. I actually wrote my first post at 6 years old, almost half my life ago. This blog has been a part of my homeschooling life for ages, but just like homeschooling, it's time to let it go. So goodbye people, I'll be in touch.

- Jackson

Thursday, June 14, 2012

An overall update. Jun 14 2012

Oh blog, I have not forgotten you. We have been so busy over the past few months, first of all: We bought a house! For real this time! Nobody can take us away! (Unless we don't pay our bills...) It's a lot smaller than our old one, but I like it way more. And it's ours! It's June, summer has arrived. I'm going to Folk Roots camp next week. It's a camp run by the ACA, and you get to participate in cajun and creole activities, like fishing, learning to make boudin! (A cajun sausage, sometimes spicy) And we're all learning an instrument! We have a choice of fiddle, guitar or accordion. I chose accordion. Watching tutorials on youtube. I'm also doing Summer Shakespeare, we're preforming Love's Labor's Lost in July. I don't know what part I'm getting yet. My room is 100% unpacked! Next comes hanging stuff.

Thanks for reading my overall update!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Summer is falling into place.

I know what you're thinking.
"Jackson, why are you posting about summer? It's March! Some of us are still in winter coats!" And the answer to that question is I'm not posting about summer being here, only the idea of what summer is going to be.

Remember the play I did last month and have been talking about for the past 2 posts? Well I'm doing it again this summer. I'm gonna be in the same company I was in last time. But this one is the waaay bigger performance. It's a Shakespeare play, "Love's Labor's Lost" to be exact.  At the ACA in July 2012. 

So other than that, were gonna be at Red la Reels a lot. Reds is the health club that we go to. Like the YMCA. 

What are you guys gonna do this summer?  Post in the comment area below.

See you next time,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hamlet: Prince of puddles.

Hamlet and Ophelia.

Hello everybody! I'm here with another Youth series performance! It is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet like you've never seen it before! Written for a much younger crowd than the original. Hamlet: prince of puddles turns a terrible tragedy into a hilarious comedy.

You see, Hamlet is in a bit of a predicament.
His father, King Hamlet died unexpectedly. As everybody was mourning, the queen decided to marry the late king's brother. Who in Hamlet's opinion, is a large butthead. Not to mention that his long lushus hair he is so proud of is fake!

So with the help of his girlfriend Ophelia, he must avenge his father! But wait, there is one other complication! Ophelia's father banned her from speaking to Hamlet.
What will he do?!

So I give this play a definite 100%! If you live in the Lafayette area and would like to see it, we have 2 more shows open to the public. 

Goodbye all blog readers,

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The flapping of a butterfly's wings... and more.

Hallo! Jackson here!
It's been a long time! How have you guys been doing? Anything fun?
Well I've been in a play, celebrated a birthday, got a new microscope, celebrated Mardi Gras, and oh yeah, moved since the last update. (Vlogs don't count)

So, back to the play:
As you may well know, the play was called "The flapping of a butterfly's wings may cause a tsunami half-way around the world".  And yes, I did have a speaking part. I played a little 10-year old boy named Jackson.
This is the only picture I could find:
I'm the one onstage who is not wearing a hat.

On to the next thing, I just turned 10 years old!
This year was a big B-day party 'cause I have a big one every 5 years. So I had a big 5th birthday and will have a big 15th birthday.
This year was a bring a piece of NYC to Louisiana. We had an art wall (A huge piece of paper on the wall) and some bagels and cream cheese!

I got a microscope for my birthday from Mama and Daddy, and it's probably the best gift Iv'e ever gotten! It goes up to 2,000x magnification! That's around 1,000 times more magnification than a average magnifying glass.
I also got a microscope camera from Mimi, but it didn't work so we sent it back and their sending us a new one.

This Mardi Gras was pretty uneventful, Mama got really sick, so she couldn't go to any of the parades.  We caught a lot of beads.

And that's pretty much it!
See you guys next time!
- Jackson

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ZooZoo: an Imago production

Hello all who own computers. Jackson here with another youth performance show.
This particular one is.... well, how about I show you:

Imago is a costume theatre, as you might have guessed. Surprisingly, there is only 5 guys in the whole show, only 5. 
ZooZoo, at a glance, is meant for really little ones, but it also does have jokes that even adults would get and enjoy. So they really perform for all ages.
And boy, do they love what they do... it shows in their dancing and movements onstage. You have to love it if you do 3 shows a day for a couple of entire schools. 
It's almost Cirque du Soleil-like, but without the acrobatics. 
The characters pretty much take them over, and it looks like their really table waiting anteaters or musical chair playing penguins onstage. 
I said almost the same thing about a mask-maker in one of my old posts. 

So I recommend it very highly.

Yours truly,

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New vlog.

Post coming up later today......................... ZooZoo: an Imago production.